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Unschoolers and Public School Sports

Hello.  I have a question and I am really hoping someone has an answer! : )

I have heard from numerous people that homeschool kids can play sports for their local school.  My 14 year old son (9th grade) would like to play JV Soccer for our local high school.  However, the high school athletic department is saying that is not true.  They say my son must be enrolled in the school to play on the team.  Has anyone else had their child play sports for their local high school?  If so, I would love to hear from you.  

Thanks, Brenda

Here in California, they have to be enrolled in a district independent study/homeschool program. It doesn't look like an unschooler would be eligible to play on a public school team. We should start a league for unschoolers and students at democratic schools!


"The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) prohibits students not enrolled in the public school they represent from participating in in interscholastic activities under their supervision. See Rule 305. However, students enrolled in public school independent study programs have full access."


"CIF defines independent/home study programs under the jurisdiction of a CIF member school or school district as those independent/home study programs in which the curriculum is approved, the program administered and the students evaluated by that school/school district’s governing body’s designees."

-From the CIF Bylaws section 306 (rule 305 says homeschoolers are ineligible, but 306 explains the exception)